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Who is By Morocco Tours?

By Morocco Tours is a local Morocco travel agency with many years of experience in organizing Morocco vacation packages and Morocco tours throughout the Kingdom of Morocco. By Morocco Tours was founded by a team of native Moroccans known as Amazigh “Berbers” with the purpose of sharing Moroccan cultures, traditions and attractions with travelers from all over the world.

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At By Morocco Tours we strive to offer a unique and comfortable experience to our clients, with the freedom to customize any of our Morocco vacation packages to suit your interests and needs in order to explore Morocco at your own pace.

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By Morocco Tours was created with the purpose of offering a unique experience to all travelers who wish to visit Morocco and share the beauty of this wonderful country that we love so much and are proud to be a part of.


Making friends all over the world has made the trip so far an epic experience because we have met so many wonderful people from all over the world and that has given us the opportunity to show what the nomadic lifestyle is really all about, including the music, art, languages, culture, and traditions that we are so proud of and genuinely enjoy sharing all that Morocco has to offer.


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